Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lemon Leaf clean vegetables & fruits?

We clean vegetables & fruits using ozonated water aided by ultrasonic technology. The washing procedure ensures reduction of microbes and pesticides in whole vegetables & fruits.

Why does Lemon Leaf package whole vegetables & fruits?

We package the washed vegetables & fruits in food grade plastic bags to ensure that vegetables & fruits don’t come in contact with external environment, thereby preventing vegetables & fruits from getting contaminated and infected.

What are fresh processed / minimally processed / pre-cut / fresh cut vegetables and fruits?

Vegetables & Fruits that are hygienically cleaned, peeled, sliced, trimmed, diced or shredded and then again washed before drying and packing for direct consumption are classified as fresh processed / minimally processed / pre-cut / fresh cut vegetables & fruits. Expected shelf life of fresh processed items is around 3 to 21 days depending on type of vegetable & fruits.

Are Fresh Cut vegetables and fruits healthy for consumption?

Absolutely, provided these are bought from reputed brands. Following a strict process to ensure product quality and a longer shelf is necessary for fresh cut vegetables & fruits. At Lemon Leaf, we have developed superior processes to ensure product quality and longer shelf life, and we are continuously innovating to improve.

How important is it to control the temperature of the stored products?

It is inherent need of the business to store fresh cut vegetables & fruits at lower temperature preferably between 3 to 8 degree Celsius. Once the products are purchased by the consumer, it is important that they also store the products in refrigerator at their home.

How does Lemon Leaf ensure quality and freshness of the fresh cut products?

We have mapped all the control points in our products’ supply chain, till they reach our consumers. We invest in technology, systems, people and processes so that things work flawlessly.

What kind of preservatives are added to enhance the shelf life of the products?

Lemon Leaf does not add any preservatives to the products. Products are all natural and packed with superior technology without any preservatives.

Is it necessary to wash the products before consumption?

No, Lemon Leaf products are ready for consumption.

Are Lemon Leaf products organic in nature?

No, Lemon Leaf products are not organic. We use superior ozone based technology to clean vegetables & fruits.