What is the Industry all about?

The Fresh Processed Industry in India is in its nascent stage. Business of hygienically washed, pre-cut vegetable & fruits exists as a minute fraction of total vegetable & fruit Industry in India. But with advent of technology and with higher house hold incomes, we have started upgrading our choices across products and the same trend is foreseen in hygienic whole and pre-cut vegetables & fruits.

At Lemon Leaf, in addition to whole vegetables & fruits, we are also focusing on developing technology for cut vegetables & fruits. With higher shelf life and superior quality of cut vegetables & fruits combined with convenience to the consumer, the business of cut vegetables & fruits is expected to increase in India. The cut vegetable & fruit industry size in the US is about $25 billion and that is 15% of the total trade. Unlike the US, the share of cut vegetable & fruit business is negligible in India. However, the same trend as that of the US is expected to commence here.

The success parameters for the business in India will be sustainable technology for improving shelf life under the diverse climatic conditions and superior packaging techniques. This trend has been readily apparent in the following segments in India:

  • Branded packaged milk
  • Dahi (Yogurt)
  • Mithai (Indian Sweets)
  • Paneer (Cheese)

The industry size of hygienic whole and pre-cut vegetables & fruits will multiply quickly if the technology and infrastructure are in place. This is where Lemon Leaf is building a niche for itself.